Another World

by JD Harding

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"Another World" is also known as "Out of this World".

There's also a sequel called "Heart of the Alien", which includes the original "Out of this World" in it.

The game has various different soundtracks, both MIDI and recorded audio. The songs here may vary between the different soundtracks.

Any songs labelled "XG MIDI" are written and recorded on a Yamaha XG MU100R MIDI Tone Generator.

This album was last updated / remastered in 2017.

All songs on this album were recorded in 24-bit 48kHz audio quality. MP3, AAC and OGG audio formats do not support 24-bit and are only 16-bit.


released May 31, 2017

Originally Composed by Jean-François Freitas.
Covered and Produced by JD Harding.




JD Harding Puyallup, Washington

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